Digital TV, Smart Home, eLearning, Agri IoT, Tele medicine

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Platform & Solution

SENSEEOT Smart IoT Platform provides APIs and comprises of connectivity modules for Smart Light, Smart Switch, Smart Plug, IP Cameras to build a sensor network and seamlessly connect to the IoT, custom app development and the cloud services.

Device SDK

SENSEEOT's device SDK comprises of connectivity stack and API References.

  • Converged Services Gateway
  • Any Smart Home Appliances

Supports connected devices globally and can scale to million of users and trillions of devices.

  • Government, Enterprise and R&D Lab Customers
  • Analytics over Bigdata
  • Block-chain Adaption

Build or Buy your device

SENSEEOT works with partner ODM/OEM eco-system so that one can choose to buy a retail node, gateway or sensor and plug them into SENSE-SMART platform. It also provides embedded systems engineering service for building custom hardware and platform.


Plan and Execute Your IoT Journey